Moves You Forward

Pan Ocean has been moving businesses forward since the 1960s.

From the early days of offering land transportation service, to providing warehousing and logistics management.

Core Values (Commitment)

Our Mission

"We strive to deliver consistent and comprehensive logistics service with care."

Our Vision

"We aim to be one of the most trusted logistics solution providers in Singapore and beyond."

The Meaning of the Chinese Calligraphy in the two scrolls:

"Nothing is more comforting than to know for sure that your valued goods, after sailing across the world, will arrive at the final destination in good shape."

The statement found in the above scrolls is a great summary of Pan Ocean's Core Values that our people embrace and live by daily.

Pan Ocean's Core Values are:

Trusted – We know that trust is not something that can be created overnight. Trust is earned by being there for our customers day after day. We strive to work hard and dilligently at each job to gain our customers' trust every time.

Personal and Caring – We are truly concerned about our customers' needs and strive to be intimately familiar with the requirements of each job, no matter how big or small it is.

Professional – We are committed to working professionally, treating customers, vendors and employees professionally and with respect.

Assuring – We strive to be a company that our customers can turn to achieve the results they are looking for. We are dedicated to being the logistics company that gives our customers the peace of mind when it comes to fulfillment of their supply chain needs. They can count on Pan Ocean to see that their goods stay in their original condition from the point of collection to the intended destination.